Geographical Location Advantage


Due to the location of Gaziantep at the center of the roads and railways connecting the Southeastern Anatolia to the West, the Mediterranean and the Middle East, Gaziantep Airport's international status, flow of goods, services and visitors to our city has been intensified.

Functioning like a bridge between regions in terms of its geographical location, Gaziantep is primarily a trade center. With its huge industry and economic structure, Gaziantep is more developed than other cities involved in the GAP project, and has a direct relation with the GAP project. As a geographical location, it functions as the complementary part and gate of the region covered by the GAP.

In addition to its proximity to the GAP region, Gaziantep serves as a bridge between SYRIA, IRAQ and other Middle Eastern countries. More importantly, Gaziantep is the center for goods supplied to IRAQ. In addition to these geographical advantages, Gaziantep has its own industrial capacity. Gaziantep Free Zone is adjacent to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Organized Industrial Sites.

From this perspective, Gaziantep Free Zone has many advantages due to its geographical location.

The region is established on the Gaziantep-Kahramanmaras highway and is close to the highway connecting to Mersin and Iskenderun ports.