Financial and Commercial Advantages


The profits obtained from the activities in the region can be freely transferred to any country,
  - It is likely to provide attractive foreign-currency working and investment loans with low interest rates from the banks operating in the Free Zone.
  - Purchase and sale made by foreign-currency protects companies’ working capitals against inflation.
  - Any customs duty, other tax and fund are not paid for new and second-hand machines and goods brought to the Zone from abroad.
  -  After stocking goods for an indefinite period at duty free area, you can sell goods to Turkey only by paying customs duty, if any, or VAT in batches in case of demand.
  -  As sales from Turkey to the Zone will be sent abroad from the free zone, users of the zone can buy goods from Turkey without paying VAT.
  -  The companies operating at the zone are exempted from VAT, customs duty and KKDF (resource utilization support fund).
  -  In our zone, users are not adversely affected by inflation, since convertible transactions of purchase-sale, stock valuation and accounting can be made in foreign currency if preferred.
  -  In GASBAS, trade by exchange is allowed.

In Free Zones, strikes and lockouts are prohibited for ten years after the zone became operational.