Located at the intersection of Mediterranean Region and Southeastern Anatolia Region, Gaziantep is a border city adjacent to Syria. In addition to Sof Mountains, which are the extensions of the Southeastern Taurus Mountains, there are also Dulukbaba, Sam, Ganibaba and Sarıkaya Mountains in the city. While Islahiye, Barak, Araban, Yavuzeli and Oguzeli are important plains of the city, Euphrates River, Nizip Stream, Afrin Stream, Merziman Stream and Alleben Brook are significant water sources.

The lands of the city, more than half of which are suitable for agriculture, are covered with olive, pistachio, fruit and vegetable gardens, vineyards, cotton and wheat fields. In the mountainous parts of the province, there are partially pine, fir, cedar forests, steppe and semi-steppe vegetation.

Gaziantep is a rich city in terms of wildlife. There is a great number of partridge, turtle, wild duck, wild goose, haze grouse, henna owl, pigeon, sparrow, bellbird, wild boar, rabbit, waterfowl, porcupine and quail in the forests of the city.

Gaziantep is located at the intersection of Mediterranean and continental climates. Mediterranean climate is seen in the southern parts of city, and summers are generally hot and dry, winters are cold and rainy. Most rainfall is observed in the winter and spring months.