Free Zone Branch Company Establishment


It is required to obtain an operating license from the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade General Directorate of Free Zones in order to operate in free zones. In order to obtain an operating license, the branch company to be established at the free zone shall fill out the Operating License application form according to mother company information. The Operating License application form, the required documents related to the mother company shall be sent to the Ministry of Commerce General Directorate of Foreign Investments and Services. Upon receiving the approval letter, the obligations to be made before Government Institutions and Zone Operators shall be completed and the activity can be carried out in the Free Zone.







1- The Operating License application form received from Gaziantep Serbest Bolgesi Kurucu ve Isleticisi A.S. (GASBAS) shall be filled out according to mother company information,
2- Introductory information shall be prepared about the applicant and the activity it will carry out in free zone
3- Authorization certificate and signature circular of the signatory and authorization certificate and signature statement of the company representative (if any) shall be prepared,
4- Turkish Trade Registry Gazettes and Chamber of Commerce and/or Industry registration in which the establishment announcement, last capital and shareholding structure of the applicant company were published (certified copy of the establishment certificate valid in their own country for foreign companies, approved by the Turkish representation office in that country),
5- Company's balance sheet, profit and loss statement for the last three years
6- The original and a copy of the bank receipt showing that the application fee has been paid to the Central Bank,
7- (If any) The documents showing the amount of foreign currency brought to Turkey in the last three years,
8- The original and a photocopy of the bank receipt showing that the application fee has been deposited to the account numbered TR 740 000 100 100 000 951 101 301 (USD) at the Central Bank

9- The 12-digit GTIP (Customs Tariff Statistics Position) numbers of the goods to be purchased and sold, written in the seventh section of the Activity Application Form, in the information about the activity to be carried out in the free zone, shall be written on a separate paper,
10- Permission certificate obtained from the Undersecretariat of Treasury (General Directorate of Bank and Foreign Exchange) for banks, insurance, offshore banking and financial leasing institutions,

Procedures to be made within 30 days at the latest after the letter stating that it is deemed appropriate to issue an Operating License is sent,
1- A lease or sales contract shall be concluded with Gaziantep Serbest Bolgesi Kurucu ve Isleticisi A.S. (An approved copy of the contract shall be reserved for the Ministry of Commerce),
2- A resolution shall be taken by the authorized body of company on “establishing a Gaziantep Free Zone Branch of…(Company Name)…”, 
3- In the resolution taken, the amount of capital assigned to the branch and the person or persons authorized to represent and sign the branch shall be specified, and the notarized signature circular of the authorized persons shall be annexed,
4- It shall be registered at trade registry office and shall be certified at a notary public on the same day,
5- It shall be applied to a Tax Office, and a tax identification number shall be received for establishment of company and bank transactions
 The applicant shall register at Gaziantep Chamber of Industry or Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce according to the area of activity to be performed at the Free Zone. A copy of chamber of commerce registration shall be received (the original copy shall be sent to Ministry of Commerce General Directorate of Foreign Investments and Services)
7- The original or a notarized copy of the Turkish Trade Registry Gazette where the establishment decision of your company will be published and Certificate of Registration, which will be received from the relevant Trade Registry Office showing that the Company Established is registered in the Trade Registry, to be used until the publication of this decision in the related newspaper (to be sent to Ministry of Commerce General Directorate of Foreign Investments and Services)
8- A warehouse contract shall be signed with Gaziantep Serbest Bolgesi Kurucu ve Isleticisi A.S.,

 The procedures to be followed to start the commercial activity after the official establishment of the company in the Gaziantep Free Zone
15- Obtaining a workplace insurance registration number
16- Obtaining an entry permission certificate by assigning personnel for your company,
17- Bringing office supplies and fixtures into the zone at the investment stage under a goods entrance,
18- Approval of the Accounting Books (including the Inventory Book to be approved by the Zone Directorate and the Customs Directorate) to our Zone Directorate,
19- Publication of the invoice to be used in Free Zone transactions and having it approved and registered with our Zone Directorate,
20- Submission of the copy of the Turkish Trade Registry Gazette, in which the establishment of your free zone company has been published, to our Zone Directorate (when it is published),
21- Submission of the original version of authorized signatures list of your company authorities to our Zone Directorate
22- Transferring the cash capital undertaken by your company in the application form to the bank branch in our zone in accordance with the foreign exchange legislation. After obtaining operating license, investor users shall apply to the Zone Directorate and obtain a "Construction License" to implement the construction projects they have prepared. After completing construction works, they can start their commercial activities by obtaining their “Residential Licenses”. The application fees paid by those not deemed appropriate for an operating license shall be refunded. Non-resident persons and organizations must also submit their trade registry records in their own countries. However, in the event that non-resident persons carry out activity in the free zone by showing free zones as their addresses, they are required to obtain permission according to the Foreign Capital Legislation, make their trade registry records and apply with this trade registry record