Financial and Trade Advantages
Gaziantep Free Zone
Activity Topics and Terms
Types of licence
Licence Application Procedure

Profits, which are gained for the activities in the zone, can be transferred freely.

It's possible to get low interest enterprise and investment credits from the Free Zone banks as foreign currency.

Shopping with foreign currency, protects the enterprise capital of the companies against inflation.

No customs fee and funds for imported machinery and goods, which are brought to Free Zone

It's possible to keep indefinite stocks in the duty-free zone and when requested, sell goods to Turkey, only paying VAT or if exists, customs tax

Since the sales from Turkey to Zone are considered as export, the Zone users can purchase goods from Turkey, without paying VAT

All the companies in the Zone are exempted from the KKDF (Source Usage Support Fund)

Since purchase and selling, stock valuation and accounting are made by convertible foreign currency, users are not negatively effected from inflation.

Trade by barter is free in GASPAŞ

Strike and lockout is banned for ten years as of the zone activities start.


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